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order: niall, liam, zayn, louis, harry
brotps: ziam, ziall, zouis, niam, narry, nouis, larry, zarry, lilo, lirry
ELEANOR CALDER, sophia smith, and perrie edwards

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italian food, horror movies, horror novels(a lot of stephen king), finding new music, watching tv(go to my multi blog to see what all i watch), going to the movies, movie theater popcorn FUCK, starbucks strawberry lemonade holy shit, home goods and tj maxx, forever21, torrid, maurices sometimes, bath and body works hell yes, vs/pink, yogurt mountain fuck me, cheesecake factory, barnes and noble a happy place, sephora, fun colored lipstick, my dogs(husky and blue pit), glee cast music, buying physical cds not that itunes shat, honda civics fuck yeah, interior design, CANDLES, perfumeeeee, playing app store games yeah man, animal crossing woop woop! ill write more when i think of it.