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bates motel: march 3
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zayn + music videos

Niall in Barcelona at a football match (20/4/14)


Lets take a look at Nialls boxers..


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some of my favorite quotes that help me get through the day

  • "niall’s my rockstar idol i love niall" -zayn malik about niall horan
  • "i think that niall is just the best human" -louis tomlinson about niall horan
  • "i’d kill him" -liam payne asked what he’d do to someone if they hurt niall horan
  • "niall is just a present in everyones life" -liam payne asked about niall horan
  • "niall can i make you smile?" -zayn malik asking niall horan if he could make him smile 


3cd: up all night, take me home, midnight memories.

niall + soccer players