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i'm not biased. i reblog all of the boys because they're all hot and i love them all. mostly niall and zayn though because i follow a lot of zayn and niall blogs.
it goes niall, liam, louis, zayn, harry
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This my BFF. She a slut but it don’t matter tho.

Idk why y’all goin on about Harry’s hair lookin good. It ain’t look good and I’m pissed as fuck that he’s gone look like that at my concert. I didn’t pay to see a moppet head. Gotdamnit

Toronto, Canada - 8/01

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(MORE) Liam and Sophia at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks NBA Game (16/01/14)

Dublin, Croke Park. 25/05.

#wwat  #wwatzayn